It would be my pleasure to work with you!

Our first step will be to get to know each other better and that means, an initial meeting where I come prepared with some questions for you to answer.

These will be thought provoking questions and will focus on what you want to happen and how quickly. What are your worries and concerns? And, if you could see where you would be in your years to come, what would you see?

Once we have an idea of where you are headed, then we can define the path, the process to get you there and the steps along the way.  These may be tangible or intangible – financial, emotional, and with the sense of security that you desire. I will commit to work as quickly or as slowly as you would like.

This is your life!  

And my hope is that you live it to its fullest, however that may be for you!

Empowering small business owners to take back control of their benefits and retirement plan; making retirement dreams real! ~ Carmen M. Hodnett